Restorative Justice



Homeless Court is a collaborative project between the Public Defender, District Attorney, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Los Angeles City Attorney, and Public Counsel. Homeless Court is a program whereby formerly homeless participants who complete a requisite program designed to address the issues contributing to their homelessness are able to secure dismissal of outstanding "quality of life" infraction and misdemeanor warrants. The purpose of this court is to avoid incarceration for old outstanding matters that might interfere with or erase the progress the participant has made.

During Fiscal Year 2007-2008, Homeless Court received funding from the Board of Supervisors and is now staffed by dedicated personnel from Public Counsel and the Los Angeles Superior Court. Transportation, housing, and food vouchers have been added to this program to provide more holistic services for the participants.

During Fiscal Year 2011-2012, 974 citations were submitted for Homeless Court relief.