Restorative Justice



The Sentenced Offender Drug Court (SODC) is an intensive program for those convicted of non-violent felonies who face state prison commitments due to their criminal records and history of drug addiction. These higher risk clients have medium to high levels of drug addiction and are offered the SODC program with formal probation as an alternative to state prison.

SODC is a 12 to 15 month in-custody and post-release treatment program. All SODC participants spend approximately 74 to 104 days in the county jail where they are assigned to a specialized drug treatment module. Following this period of intensive in-custody treatment, participants are assigned to a residential/sober living facility where they begin  comprehensive “outpatient” treatment and intensive drug testing under direct supervision of the judge.  Once participants are successfully transitioned to outpatient treatment, they are provided with job training and independent living skills education, in addition to substance abuse treatment. SODC serves up to 100 participants at a time and is almost always at full capacity. Successful participants who have graduated from SODC and have remained probation-compliant and drug-free for one year may petition the court for early termination of probation, dismissal and expungement.