projectstar Project S.T.A.R. provides eligible domestic violence survivors with early assessment of trauma, substance abuse and mental health disorders and appropriate residential treatment and wraparound services to address their needs.  Women admitted to this voluntary program reside, along with up to two children ages eight years of age or under, at PROTOTYPES S.T.A.R. House for six months while participating in treatment for substance abuse, mental health, and/or domestic violence issues including parenting. The residential treatment component incorporates children's/family strengthening services with a special emphasis on family reunification and collaboration with DCFS, where appropriate.

This Project addresses the following emphasis areas:

  • Legal and criminal justice issues relating to family violence;
  • Substance abuse and family violence;
  • New approaches to intervention, prevention, and treatment for all aspects of family violence;
  • Other topics related to aspects of family violence and child abuse and neglect.

A SAMHSA grant awarded to Prototypes, Project S.T.A.R., funds 40 women annually for five years, as well as one Public Defender paralegal who assists with screening for project amenability, and acts as a liaison with PROTOTYPES to coordinate cases and court dates for Public Defender clients.