Beginning in †1999, the Public Defenderís Office initiated an innovative and comprehensive plan known as the Juvenile Alternative Defense Effort (JADE). JADE is designed to bring critically needed services to the youths in juvenile delinquency courts and consists of two components: the Client Assessment Recommendation Evaluation (CARE) Project and the Post Disposition Program.

The holistic advocacy approach already embodied by and practiced in the Public Defenderís Office was recognized through the adoption of Rule 5.663 of the California Rules of Court on July 1, 2004.† Rule †5.663 suggests guidelines for all juvenile court defense attorneys to follow for effective advocacy that acknowledges the dual role which the Public Defenderís Office had adopted: one of defending against charges filed in the petition and advocating on behalf of the youth to ensure that the youth receives appropriate care, treatment, and guidance, especially in the areas of education and mental health.